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"Herrero, in their professional debut, positively slays as Miss Rexy - delivering a delightful combination of chaos, sass, and confidence." - Amanda England, Broadway World Review

"...Chris Herrero as the bitchy diva queen Anorexia Nervousa captures the oh-no-she-didn't chica head bop to perfection." - Arnold Wayne Jones, Dallas Voice

"Chris Herrero as the secondary drag queen Anorexia Nervosa comes as close to a villain as this comedy allows, but delivers the key monologue, and makes it ring true to the themes of the play as well as to her complex, alcoholic personality." - Wayne Lee Gray, Theater Jones


“Chris Herrero and Rachel Macknight, crew of the self-described “party boat,” are a fantastic comedic duo. Herrero’s Hawkins is a scene-stealer, putting fabulous spin on some of the play’s better lines (of the Howland Brothers, they say disdainfully, ‘Who was their mother? Why wasn’t she a more discerning person?’).” - Jill Sweeney, Theater Jones

“Every cast member renders a strong performance… As the flamboyant cook Hawkins, Chris Hererro is a humorous scene-stealer.” - Ann Saucer, The Column

“It’s impossible not to admire the coordinated movement of the cast and the ease with which they negotiate their complicated dialogue cues as they depict the boats being tossed about by the river current, with men occasionally being washed overboard.” - Kristian Lin, Fort Worth Weekly


“A curly-headed knight named Sky, played by tall, dark, and funny Chris Herrero… the fun and message of this brief, clever play is in the comic delivery by all the players, especially Herrero as chief narrator and unapologetic spokesperson for fellow valiant NBNs (non-binary knights).” - Martha Heimberg, TheaterJones