I can write too!

In addition to my love for being on the stage, I also love to write. My plays Velas and Miss Molly were workshopped and performed by students at Texas Christian University. My screenplay, Stages, was also workshopped at TCU. I like to think of my works as witty character studies that make jokes when things seem darkest. You may also view my full works on New Play Exchange!


Miss Molly

Miss Molly is a farce in the style of Oscar Wilde that takes place in 1889 London. Two lifelong friends, Matthias and Aloysius, holding on to a big secret, get engaged to a pair of sisters. The mother of the sisters suspects something is not quite right and hijinks ensue.


Stages is a screenplay that follows a freshman in college trying to adapt to his new life while also reeling from his mother’s recent cancer diagnosis.


Snakes follows six college students trying desperately to deal with a difficult and personal situation and failing miserably.


Velas follows the partially estranged, Puerto Rican, Castellanos family. It examines how different people deal with transitioning, change, growing up, and how children are effected by their parents.